Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why I always put my lotions in a zip-lock bag for my carry-on when I travel...

I always thought, well lotion is not really a liquid, but then it's not a solid. So I never took the chance and put it in a zip-lock bag in my carry-on when I travel. I always carry a mini lotion, body spray, and hand sanitizer, and put them in a bag for airport security. I have it all together and just take the bag out to make the process easier. And now I know why this is a good idea.
I learned that the detectors that check for explosives look for a compound called ammonium nitrate, which can sometimes be found in creams and lotions. This is not meant to scare people to never wear lotion again. But, in this story the woman probably put some on while she was in line before going through the detectors. I always put lotion on in the morning before I leave my house, so by the time I get to the airport I should be fine, but you could always just wash your hands before going through security.

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