Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Project Runway Blogging!

10:00 pm- Project Runway starts.

10:03- New models walk in. These girls are so cute!
"I'm scared of children"- Jonathan.

10:05- "Honey these little girls ain't got no booty's or breasts, so I don't know how this is going to work"- Anthony

10:07- going to Mood

10:17- Tim comes in saying he has a surprise. The designers will have to make a corresponding look for the adult model and they will both go down the runway the next day.

10:18- going to Mood again

10:20- I love Anthony's funny comments, but the rest of the designers seem annoyed.

10:21- Tim comes in to give his advice.
"I want you to know I am profoundly wow'ed."

10:22- Both models come in

10:30- Tim sends the models in.
"The workroom is like romper room on crack."- Jonathan.
"Do y'all have a off switch?"- Anthony.

10:34- Tim announces runway show is in 10 minutes. Rush, Rush, Rush!

10:39- "Welcome to the runway. As you know in fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out."- Heidi Klum
Judges- Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Tory Burch

10:42- Jesse, Seth Aaron, and Jay have the highest scores.

10:43- Jonathan, Amy, and Jeanine have the lowest scores.

10:44- Jesse: Gray dress, red jacket.

10:45- Seth Aaron: "Jacket is best tailored garment this season."- Michael Kors

10:46- Jay: ruffles, purple.

10:47- Jeanine: "plain, simple, cheap mall outfit"- Judges comments

10:48- Jonathan: "it looks uncomfortable"- Heidi Klum

10:49- Amy: "pants are a train-wreck, circus-like, confusing"- Judges comments. "Biggest problem is the color palette."- Tory Burch

10:57- "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out."- Heidi Klum
"Jesse you're in. You can leave the runway."- Heidi

10:58- Seth Aaron is the winner of this challenge!

10:59- "Jay you're in."
"Jonathan you're in."
"Amy you're in."

11:00- "I'm sorry Jeanine, that means you're out"- Heidi

Only 10 designers left!

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